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ProjectNet® STE desktop client

In addition to a web browser, users may now access their documents directly through Windows File Explorer with the new ProjectNet® STE desktop client. Because the desktop client is embedded in Windows Explorer, most standard Windows interactions are available. For example, while local documents can be shared with project teams by right clicking and choosing Upload, they can also be shared by dragging them from a local folder and dropping them on a Citadon folder. Other collaborative functions like downloading, viewing, redlining, opening, managing security and checking audit history are equally accessible directly through Windows Explorer. All security permissions are enforced and all interactions are captured in an audit trail.

IMPORTANT: Please read the system requirements before downloading and installing ProjectNet® STE.

See Requirements and Browser Setup for more detailed information.

If you are accessing the Internet through a proxy server, it is recommended that your proxy server be configured to allow direct access for our domain "*.citadon.com". This is often referred to as "bypassing the proxy".

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  1. You must be logged into your operating system as an administrator or a user with administrator rights before installing Citadon ProjectNet STE.
  2. Additional space is required for the Microsoft® .NET Framework if not already installed.
  3. The latest version of Sun Java Virtual Machine is required for the use and operation of ProjectNet STE's built in Document Viewer. This component is available for download from Sun Java Software Download page. (If you have problems with Sun's automatic downloading of their Java VM, you can also try their manual installation page.)


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